Software engineering is my passion

In 1990, I was born in Magdeburg. After growing up and studying there, I lived in Halle(Saale) for two and a half years. I currently live in Mariapfarr (the sunniest place in Austria) with my family.

While studying Business and Information Systems in Magdeburg I decided to go my way in software engineering. I specialised in developing business applications with Java, JEE and Spring

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, go running and tracking, read books, code for my own projects and follow up with soccer, blockchain, programming and investing.


Java Development

Software development with java is my passion. I started working with java at the university and always try to improve my coding and problem solving skills.


Trustful relationships and open communication are the key values of software projects. I really love to talk about solving problems and I always address problems openly.

Growth Mindset

I always try to stay positive, improve and reflect my skills and my behaviour. Beeing a better version of yourself never stops. Today is the day we start a new era.


Books I recommend

I like reading books not only about software engineering. This is a short selection of books I highly recommend for improving skills.

This book by Uncle Bob is an evergreen! I think it´s one of the best books about software development and absolutely timeless
Clean Code
I really like this book because many software design pattern are explained in a playful way. It is easy to understand and there are good examples of implemenation.
Head First Design Pattern
This great book describes software development a an art of communication and has a big focus of error culture.
Weniger Schlecht programmieren
After a great lecture of Carola Lilienthal at Javaland, I bought this book. It is a high quality book to learn things about software architecture and to avoid technical dept.
Langlebige Software-Architekturen
This book by Michael Inden tells you not only about java but about the whole thing around software development with java.
Der Weg zum Java-Profi

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